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Each unit is $499 with $30 postage per unit

The design and functionality of GRIFF-LOCK, provides a dual protection layer. The system will auto “shut down” in case of component sabotage preventing the vehicle from starting. The mechanical solenoid module is installed in the engine compartment and the control module inside the cabin behind the dashboard.

The main features of GRIFF-LOCK are:

  • Simplicity - GRIFF-LOCK has been designed with the user in mind, which means no complex authentication methods or rare combinations to arm/disarm the system. True simplicity is bringing order to complexity for us.
  • Up to 4 points of Security - Once GRIFF-LOCK is installed; different components are installed under the hood and behind the dash, turning virtually impossible to steal your car. Typically, they would include the electronic fuel pump, the ECU, the ignition circuit and the starter circuit.
  • Truly Useful - GRIFF-LOCK has been designed taking into account how thieves steal modern cars and the tools that thieves are using to conduct electronic attacks.
  • User Friendly - User's experience and feedback is really important for us, looking for a perfect balance between convenience and security.
  • Design and Quality - GRIFF-LOCK is inspired by a flawless design and considering that innovation can prevail over rampant technology. Our vision about progress!
  • One-time cost - GRIFF-LOCK will have no hidden costs – with no monthly monitoring fees and or activation costs.
  • Tamper-proof design - The system has been designed as a "whole system", in case some critical component is removed or damaged, GRIFF-LOCK will enter "shutdown mode", preventing the car from being stolen.
  • State of the art - Customer's security is our goal, so GRIFF-LOCK has special features to meet our standards as 256-bits encryption (clone-safe, anti-code grabbing technology) or sensors built-in (gyroscope and accelerometer).
  • Autonomous system - GRIFF-LOCK will be designed to protect itself and not rely on a network (RF, GSM, GPS...). This brings peace of mind to the user during long road trips, preventing embarrassing situations while they are driving (out of the network coverage area).

Nothing guarantees a car won’t be taken or damaged during a vandalism attempt, but we can improve customer’s odds at a reasonable system price. From the very beginning GRIFF-LOCK must be designed to be robust and capable but also remarkably easy to use. Our goal is to take all the amazing features that a customer can expect from a state of the art security system and implement these features into GRIFF-LOCK.