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It’s not a secret that auto theft in the US is a multi-million dollar business with an estimated $4.3 billion business and continues to grow despite a declining theft rate across the US. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the number of U.S. motor vehicle thefts rose 0.6 percent from 2011 to 2012 (721,053 vehicles), the first annual increase since 2003. The average value of a motor vehicle reported stolen in 2012 was $6,019. The nationwide rate of motor vehicle thefts was 229.7 per 100,000 people.

GRIFF-LOCK is an active electromechanical vehicle immobilizer. Its unique technology and vehicle integration will make it the best anti-theft system available. Once that GRIFF-LOCK is installed by one of our authorized installation centers, a double layer of protection is created: the mechanical solenoid module under the hood and the electronic theft deterrents in the cabin. This design makes GRIFF-LOCK impossible to circumvent. The system will auto “shut down” in case of component sabotage preventing the vehicle from starting. The mechanical solenoid module is installed in the engine compartment and the control module inside the cabin. Even the reader is hidden behind the dash.

Unlike any other system on market, GRIFF-LOCK is absolutely tamper-proof. GRIFF-LOCK system is permanently installed and becomes an integral part of the operating system of the vehicle. GRIFF-LOCK does not interfere with the operation of the vehicle and cannot inadvertently shut your engine off while driving. There’s absolutely no way to by-pass the system. Only GRIFF-LOCK features a patented fault-proof design that cannot be circumvented. GRIFF-LOCK does not interfere with other alarms or tracking systems installed in your vehicle. No other system is affected by the installation and use of GRIFF-LOCK. For owners who want to have multiple layers of protection, an alarm, anti-theft device, and/or a tracking system, GRIFF-LOCK is the perfect fit.


GRIFF-LOCK’s operation and unique design makes it the only device that CAN NOT be inhibiting. GRIFF-LOCK’s vehicle integration with critical components, will not allow the vehicle to start in case of system sabotage. Its easy operation is perhaps one of the most important points. The auto arming feature allows total user peace of mind; it automatically arms the security system 30 seconds after the ignition system is turned off. The 2 basic steps necessary for GRIFF-LOCK’s proper operation are as follows:

System auto arming (System “ON”. No user action required)

GRIFF-LOCK will auto arm 30 seconds after ignition system is turned off. GRIFF-LOCK has deactivated the vehicle’s starter circuit and fuel pump thus protecting the vehicle.

To disarm the system (System “OFF”. Touch the reader with your coded key)

Once the customer enters the vehicle and a valid key is read, GRIFF-LOCK will disarm at this point the customer can start the vehicle. If this step is not followed and you try to start the car, the horn will sound (if this feature is connected) as a deterrent. GRIFF-LOCK’s user-friendly design provides simple operation. We believe that the simplest solutions are the most effective. The design and functionality of the system, provides a dual protection layer.

The majority of vehicle security systems appear to be designed to prevent authorized users from tampering with the vehicle in any intrusive way. Security protocols have been integrated to prohibit the programming of systems in the vehicle without permission from the vehicle manufacturer. Despite this, thieves are able to overcome these protocols and gain access to the vehicle’s internal network via pre-programmed ‘back doors’. These back doors are often inserted by suppliers during development to allow for simple maintenance of the system, but can be easily manipulated by thieves once the system weakness has been identified.

The capability of vehicle security systems has been compromised in recent years due to the advanced theft techniques being used by criminals and through the lack of awareness by some vehicle manufacturers in understanding the risks that are currently affecting their vehicle range.

The primary reason people buy auto security systems is to keep their vehicles from being stolen but the most they can expect is to deter amateur car thieves. Nothing will stop a determined professional car thief from stealing a car.

Mechanical devices such as steering wheel bar locks and pedal locks are only minor inconveniences for the professional. The sound of an audible alarm going off is so a commonplace, no one pays much attention anymore. The professional thieves use more advanced tools, so the tracking devices used by police to locate stolen cars do not STOP the vehicle from being stolen and driven away. They depend on early notification by the owner to the authorities. A car that is stolen at 2AM can be dismantled miles away before the owner realizes it is gone.

Type of system How it works Main feature How it can be overcome
Steering bar/Club wheel locks Prevents steering wheel function Visible deterrent Steering wheel is hacksawed / 40 sec.
Audible Alarms Blows horn or alarm Scares thief away Cut wires to disable / 40 sec.
Mechanical fuel/pedal locks Prevents fuel flow or pedal movement Visible deterrent Bridged, disabled or cut / 15 – 60 sec.
Tracking Systems Transmit radio signal to locate car Used by police Removed at chop shops before reported
Immobilizers Cuts off power to starter or engine Cuts power Hot wired around minutes
GRIFF-LOCK Disconnects all power to starter and fuel flow Passive activation CAN NOT be overcome